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CNRS 2018 Conference Wrap-up

Touring Archives of Ontario

On Thursday morning following the first session, attendees toured the Archives of Ontario, located at York University. The tour began with their current exhibit, Family Ties: Ontario Turns 150, which explores the Era of Confederation through the stories of four family groups in Ontario, and how their lives intersected with larger historical forces of the period. The exhibit uses reproductions of images, and textual records, and artefacts from the Archives of Ontario and other institutions across the province to show multiple perspectives on life in Ontario during the late 19th century. Family Ties also includes a look at how Ontario celebrated the Centennial anniversary of Confederation in 1967. The tour continued to the main reading rooms, where they were able to examine a number of the Archive's maritime records. After, the tour moved to tour the Archives' private facilities, including a document conservation lab, and onsite cold storage rooms for documents and art. This tour provided a fantastic insight into the Archives of Ontario.


The Society's awards were presented at a reception at the Clara Thomas Archives and Special Collections, York University. After a period of five years, the Gerald Panting Award for New Scholars was re-activated for 2018.


The papers presented at the conference demonstrated the many diverse interests of the Society's members.


[News release: 16 July 2017]



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