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Le marin du nord - Table des matières Volume XXIII - 2013

À noter : Cette table des matières est aussi disponible en format .pdf.

Rohit T. Aggarwala, "One such place in North America": New York, Boston, and Halifax as British Naval Bases, 1743-1783 / 339

Joe Calnan, The Pilot of La Salle's Griffon / 213

Rodney Carlisle, Danzig: The Missing Link in the History of Flags of Convenience / 135

Robert M. Dienesch, Midway to Understanding: Seventy Years of History? / 35

Julian Gwyn, Shipping to the Caribbean in the 1820s – 1840s: William Roche, Halifax Merchant / 99

David Head, Independence on the Quarterdeck: Three Baltimore Seafarers, Spanish America, and the Lives of Captains in the Early American Republic / 1

Mohamed Haji Ingiriis, The History of Somali Piracy: From Classical Piracy to Contemporary Piracy, c. 1801-2011 / 239

Olaf U. Janzen, The Logic of English Saltcod: An Historiographical Revision / 123

Captain Norman Jolin, RCN Retired, The restoration of a Canadian naval ensign / 267

William L. Welch, Moses Perley and the Fisheries / 21

Michael Whitby, Boomers, Draggers and Black Boxes: The Operational Legacy of Canada's Oberon Class Submarines, 1983-1998 / 367


J.L. Granatstein, Four Admirals and the Navy: Unification, Trudeau, NDHQ, and NATO / 151

Louis Arthur Norton, The Native American Canoe-wright and Mariner / 399


Stephen R. Bown, The Last Viking. The Life of Roald Amundsen by William Barr / 161

Barry Gough, Juan de Fuca's Strait: Voyages in the Waterway of Forgotten Dreams by James Dean / 51

Kwasi Kwarteng, Ghosts of Empire: Britain's Legacies in the Modern World; John Darwin, Unfinished Empire: The Global Expansion of Britain; Pankaj Mishra, From the Ruins of Empire: The Revolt Against the West and the Remaking of Asia by Ian Yeates / 287

Derek Morris, Mile End Old Town, 1740-1780: A Social History of an Early Modern London Suburb; Derek Morris and Ken Cozens, Wapping, 1600-1800: A Social History of an Early Modern London Maritime Suburb; Derek Morris, Whitechapel 1600-1800: A Social History of an Early Modern London Inner Suburb by Barry Gough / 413


Critiques de livres Vol. XXIII, No. 1,
Critiques de livres Vol. XXIII, No. 2,
Critiques de livres Vol. XXIII, No. 3,
Critiques de livres Vol. XXIII, No. 4.

Peter Andreas, Smuggler Nation: How Illicit Trade Made America par Joshua Smith / 419

Julia Angster, Erdbeeren und Piraten: Die Royal Navy und die Ordnung der Welt 1770–1860 par Nicholas Rodger / 420

John Asmussen and Eric Leon, German Naval Camouflage, Vol. 1, 1939-1941 par Christopher Kretzschmar / 165

Hugh Bicheno, Elizabeth's Sea Dogs par Michael Clark / 297

H. V. Bowen, Elizabeth Mancke and John G. Reid (eds.), Britain's Oceanic Empire: Atlantic and Indian Ocean Worlds, c.1550–1850 par Cheryl Fury / 422

Maurizio Brescia, Mussolini's Navy. A Reference Guide to the Regia Marina, 1930-1945 par Fraser McKee / 298

Siegfried Breyer and MirosLaw Skwiot, German Capital Ships of the Second World War: The Ultimate Photograph Album par Jacob Bart Hak / 166

Charles F. Brower, Defeating Japan: The Joint Chiefs of Staff and Strategy in the Pacific War, 1943-1945 par John Francis / 424

Kevin Brown, Passage to the New World. The Emigrant Experience 1807-1940 par Louis A. Norton / 300

Christian Buchet, The British Navy, Economy and Society in the Seven Years' War par Julian Gwyn / 301

Craig Cabell, Graham A. Thomas and Allan Richards, Blackbeard: The Hunt for the World's Most Notorious Pirate par Cynthia Catellier / 167

Francis M. Carroll, Athenia Torpedoed. The U-Boat Attack that Ignited the Battle of the Atlantic par Kevin Smith / 303

S.A. Cavell, Midshipmen and Quarterdeck Boys in the British Navy, 1771-1831 par Owen Cooke / 169

David Childs, Invading America. The English Assault on the New World, 1497-1630 par John Ratcliffe / 55

A.E. Christensen and W. Steusloff, Das Ebersdorfer Schiffsmodell von 1400. The Ebersdorf Ship Model of 1400 par Roeland Paardekooper / 426

Andrew Clark, Pleasures of the Firth. Two Hundred Years of the Clyde Steamers 1812-2012 par Michael Clark / 171

Stephen Cobb, Preparing for Blockade 1885-1914: Naval Contingency for Economic Warfare, par N.A.M. Rodger / 427

Ray Costello, Black Salt. Seafarers of Africa Descent on British Ships par Thomas Malcomson / 173

James Davey. The Transformation of British Naval Strategy: Seapower and Supply in Northern Europe, 1808-1812 par Tom Malcomson / 304

James Seay Dean, Tropics Bound: Elizabeth's Seadogs on the Spanish Main par Wayne Abrahamson / 174

James P. Delgado, Misadventures of a Civil War Submarine – Iron, Guns, and Pearls par Norman H. Jolin / 307

N. Harry Dickinson, Wisdom and War. The Royal Naval College Greenwich, 1873-1998 par Chris Madsen / 308

Peter Dutton, Robert Ross and Oystein Tunsjo (eds), Twenty-First Century Seapower: cooperation and conflict at sea par Andrew Forbes / 56

Cynthia Jones Eiseman and Brunilde Sismondo Ridgway, The Porticello Shipwreck: A Mediterranean Merchant Vessel of 415-385 B.C. par Wayne Abrahamson / 429

George W. Emery, In their own Words. The Navy Fights the War of 1812. Selected Documents from a Sailor's Collection par Faye Kert / 310

Nicole Eustace, 1812. War and the Passions of Patriotism par Thomas Malcomson / 58

Brian Fagan, Beyond the Blue Horizon: How the Earliest Mariners Unlocked the Secrets of the Oceans par Louis A. Norton / 312

Marcus Faulkner, War at Sea: A Naval Atlas 1939-1945 par Joshua M. Smith / 176

Larrie D. Ferreiro, Measure of the Earth: The Enlightenment Expedition that Reshaped our World par James Risk / 61

Edda Frankot, "Of Laws of Ships and Shipmen". Medieval Maritime Law and its Practice in Urban Northern Europe par Romney Smith / 430

Robert Gardiner, The Sailing Frigate. A History in Ship Models par Roger Cole / 432

Catherine Marie Gilbert, Yorke Island and the Uncertain War. Defending Canada's western coast during WWII par Chris Madsen / 178

Paul A. Gilje, Free Trade and Sailors' Rights in the War of 1812 par Samuel Negus / 313

Myra C. Glenn, Jack Tar's Story: The Autobiographies and Memoirs of Sailors in Antebellum America par Gene Smith / 62

James Goldrick and Jack McCaffrie, Navies of South-East Asia. A comparative study par Andrew Forbes / 64

Timothy S. Good (ed.), American Privateers in the War of 1812. The Vessels and Their Prizes Recorded in Niles Weekly Register par Faye Kert / 180

Robert M. Grogans, To Aukland by the Ganges par Michael Clark / 66

Jon Guttman, Osprey Aircraft of the Aces #97: Naval Aces of World War 1 Part 1 and Osprey Aircraft of the Aces #104: Naval Aces of World War 1 Part 2 par Robert L. Shoop / 67

David Hancock, Oceans of Wine: Madeira and the Emergence of American Trade and Taste par Warren Reiss / 315

Robert Haywood and Roberta Spivak, Maritime Piracy par Edward M. Furgol / 433

Nicole Hegener and Lars U. Scholl (Hrsg), Vom Anker zum Krähennest/From the anchor to the Crow's Nest. Naval Imagery from the Renaissance to the Age of Photography. (German Maritime Studies, vol. 17) par Kelsey McGuire / 69

Stephen Howarth, To Shining Sea. A History of the United States Navy 1775-1998 par Robert Dienesch / 70

Alan G. Jamieson, Lords of the Sea: A History of the Barbary Corsairs par Louis Arthur Norton / 181

Robert Erwin Johnson, Far China Station. The U.S. Navy in Asian Waters, 1800-1898 par Lou Norton / 435

Ian Johnston and Ian Buxton, The Battleship Builders. Constructing and Arming British Capital par Rob Dienesch / 437

Ben Jones, The Fleet Air Arm in the Second World War; Volume I, 1939-1941. Norway, the Mediterranean and the Bismarck par Fraser McKee / 183

John Jordan, Warships After Washington. The Development of the Five Major Fleets 1922-1930 par John Francis / 72

John Jordan and Jean Moulin, French Cruisers 1922-1956 par N. Roger Cole / 316

Ralph Kauz (ed.), Aspects of the Maritime Silk Road: From the Persian Gulf to the East China Sea par Lincoln Paine / 438

Klaus-Peter Kiedel, Schiffe, Helgen, Docks und Kaijen. Mit dem Fotografen Karl Schemkes in der Bremerhaven Häfen 1950-1965 par Jacob Bart Hak / 318

Jonathan Kinghorn, The Atlantic Transport Line, 1881-1931. A History with Details on All Ships par Michael Clark / 185

Richard P. Klobuchar. The USS Ward: An Operational History of the Ship that Fired the First American Shot of World War II par Ambjorn L. Adomeit / 187

Mark Lardas, Bonhomme Richard vs Serapis, Flamborough Head 1779 par Allen Wilson / 73

Mark Lardas, CSS Alabama vs USS Kearsage, Cherbourg, 1864 par Louis A. Norton / 74

Mark Lardas, Decatur's Bold And Daring Act. The Philadelphia in Tripoli, 1804 par Edward Martin / 319

Robin Law (ed.), Dahomey and the Ending of the Transatlantic Slave Trade - British Vice-Consul to the Kingdom of Dahomey, West Africa 1851-1852 par Michael Clark / 320

Don Leggett and Richard Dunn, Re-inventing the Ship: Science, Technology and the Maritime World, 1800-1918 par Michael Dove / 76

Jerry Lokett, The Discovery of Weather: Stephen Saxby and the tumultuous birth of weather forecasting and Saxby's Gale of 1899 par C. Douglas Maginley / 188

John Mack, The Sea. A Cultural History par Michael Clark / 78

Rod Macdonald, Great British Shipwrecks. A Personal Adventure par Martha Tye / 190

Edward J. Marolda, Ready Seapower. A History of the U.S. Seventh Fleet par Timothy A. Martin / 79

Donald A. Maxton and Rolf E. Du Rietz (eds.), Innocent on the Bounty. The Court-Martial and Pardon of Midshipman Peter Heywood in Letters. Peter Heywood & Nessy Heywood par Tom Malcomson / 440

Sam McBride, The Bravest Canadan. Fritz Peters, VC. The Making of a Hero in Two World Wars par Jan Drent / 191

Matthew McCarthy, Privateering, Piracy and British Policy in Spanish America 1810-1830 par Fred Hopkins / 442

Gerald A. Meehl, One Marine's War: A Combat Interpreter's Quest for Humanity in the Pacific par Ambjorn L. Adomeit / 322

Andrea Mehrländer, Mit Kurs auf Charleston, S.C. Kapitän Heinrich Wieting und die Auswanderung nach South Carolina im 19. Jahrhundert par Jacob Bart Hak / 444

David Miller, Langsdorff and the Battle of the River Plate par Jay Knarr / 446

Michael B. Miller, Europe and the Maritime World: A Twentieth-Century par Louis A. Norton / 448

Robert W. H. Miller, One Firm Anchor: The Church and the Merchant Seafarer par Timothy Demy / 449

Edward Monroe-Jones and Michael Green (eds.), The Silent Service in World War II: The Story of the U.S. Navy Submarine Force in the Words of the Men Who Lived It par Robert Dienesch / 324

R.J. Moore and J.A. Rodgaard, A Hard Fought Ship: The Story of HMS Venomous par Malcolm Butler / 325

Rob Mundle, Bligh, Master Mariner par Sam McLean / 194

Mark Nicholls and Penry Williams, Sir Walter Raleigh in Life & Legend par Cheryl Fury / 81

Ryan Nopper, Austro-Hungarian Battleships 1914-18 par Robert L. Shoop / 82

Robert W. Passfield, Phip's Amphibious Assault on Canada – 1690 par Sam McLean / 195

Cdr. Edward C. Raymer, USN (Ret.), Descent into Darkness. Pearl Harbor, 1941: A Navy Diver's Memoir par John Ratcliffe / 196

Chipp Reid, Intrepid Sailors. The Legacy of Preble's Boys and the Tripoli Campaign par Andrew Forney / 198

Shannon Ryan, A History of Newfoundland in the North Atlantic to 1818 par Olaf Janzen / 199

Judith Samuel, The 'City of Ottawa': The Story of a Sailing Ship par Isabelle Jeaurond / 201

Hermann Sandmann, Lebenserinnerungen eines alten Seefahrers par Jacob Bart Hak / 203

Roger Sarty, War in the St. Lawrence. The Forgotten U-Boat Battles on Canada's Shores par Isabel Campbell / 84

Albrecht Sauer, Zeit auf See/Time at Sea. Chronometers and their Creators: Three Centuries of Cutting Edge Chronometers par Louis A. Norton / 85

Robert J. Schneller Jr., Anchor of Resolve. A History of the U.S. Naval Forces Central Command/Fifth Fleet par Timothy A. Martin / 79

Gene Smith, The Slaves' Gamble. Choosing Sides in the War of 1812 par Tom Malcomson / 451

Gene Allen Smith and Sylvia L. Hilton (eds), Nexus of Empire: Negotiating Loyalty and Identity in the Revolutionary Borderlands, 1760s–1820s par Cindie Catalier / 86

Peter C. Smith, Offshore Ferry Services of England & Scotland par Michael Clark / 327

Gary Staff, Battle on the Seven Seas: German Cruiser Battles 1914-1918 par Christopher Kretzschmar / 204

Robert C. Stern, The U.S. Navy and the War in Europe par Corbin Williamson / 88

Mark Stille, Santa Cruz 1942: Carrier duel in the South Pacific par Robert Shoop / 454

Craig L. Symonds, The Battle of Midway par Corbin Williamson / 89

Bruce Taylor, The End of Glory: War and Peace in HMS Hood, 1916-1941 par Michael Young / 91

Peter Thomas and Nicholas Tracy, Master & Madman. The Surprising Rise and Disastrous Fall of the Hon Anthony Lockwood RN par Phillip Williams / 205

Ian W. Toll, Pacific Crucible: War at Sea in the Pacific, (1941-1942) par Louis A. Norton / 328

Nicholas Tracy, A Two-edged Sword; The Navy as an Instrument of Canadian Foreign Policy par Nigel Greenwood / 206

Henk H.M. van der Linden, The Live Bait Squadron; Three mass graves off the Dutch coast, 22 September, 1914 par Fraser McKee / 330

Hans van Ham and Joan Rijsenbrij, Development of Containerization. Success through Vision, Drive and Technology par James Pritchard / 331

Michael G. Walling, Forgotten Sacrifice: The Arctic Convoys of World War II par Christopher Pearcy / 332

Peter A. Ward, British Naval Power in the East 1794-1805. The Command of Admiral Peter Rainier par Michael Clark / 455

Conrad Waters (ed.), Seaforth World Naval Review 2012 par Ian Yeates / 92

Paul Watkins, Midget Submarine Commander. The Life of Godfrey Place, VC par Fraser McKee / 457

Nigel Watson, Lloyd's Register. 250 Years of Service par Michael Clark / 208

Melanie Wiggins, Torpedoes in the Gulf: Galveston and the U-Boats, 1942-1943 par Christopher Pearcy / 210

Timothy Wilford, Canada's Road to the Pacific War: Intelligence Strategy and the Far East Crisis par Jan Drent / 94

Adrian K. Wood, Warships of the Ancient World, 3000-500 BC par Roeland Paardekooper / 335

Kathrin Zickermann, Across the German Sea: Early Modern Scottish Connections with the Wider Elbe-Weser Region par Edward M. Furgol / 336

Alan D Zimm, Attack on Pearl Harbor–Strategy, Combat, Myths, Deceptions par John Francis / 97

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