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Le marin du nord - Table des matières Volume XXV - 2015

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À noter : Cette table des matières est aussi disponible en format .pdf y compris les détails des critiques de livres.


A tribute to James "Jim" Stewart Pritchard, 1939-2015 / 1


Campbell, Isabel, Canadian Insights into NATO Maritime Strategy, 1949-70: The Role of National and Service Interests / 239

Canuel, Hugues, An Ambiguous Partnership: Great Britain and the Free French Navy, 1940-1942 / 375

Delaney, Jason, "He was Writing the Book" - Lieutenant Commander James P. Croal: The Royal Canadian Navy's Cold War Arctic Specialist / 399

Gabrielson, Mark J., Enlightenment in the Darkness: The British Prisoner of War School of Navigation, Givet, France, 1805-1814 / 7

Landry, Nicolas, Les dangers de la navigation et de la pêche dans l'Atlantique Français au 18e siècle / 43

Lemmers, Alan, The Pillars of Dutch Naval Shipbuilding after 1945 / 265

Leiner, Frederick C., Preble's Blockade of the Barbary Coast / 117

Lewis, Walter, Transition from Sail to Steam on the Great Lakes in the Nineteenth Century / 345

Mackenzie, Kenneth S., Scaremongering or Preparedness? Navy Leagues in Canada, 1895-1939 / 217

Martin, Jay C., Only the Shipyards Will Gain: The Buffalo Hurricane of 1921 as a Demonstration of the Combined Economic Power of Commercial Carriers on the Great Lakes / 133


Bass, George Archaeologist Beneath the Sea: My First Fifty Years and Loren Steffy, The Man Who Thought Like a Ship par Warren Riess / 65

First World War - recent publications: Margaret MacMillan, The War that Ended Peace: The Road to 1914; Christopher Clark, The Sleepwalkers: How Europe Went to War in 1914; Max Hastings, Catastrophe: Europe Goes to War 1914; Michael S. Neiberg, Dance of the Furies: Europe and the Outbreak of World War I; Phillip Blom, The Vertigo Years: Change and Culture in the West, 1900-1914; Gerard DeGroot, Back in Blighty: The British at Home and World War I; Mark Bostridge, The Fateful Year: England 1914 and Gwynne Dyer, Canada in the Great Power Game 1914-2014 par Ian Yeates / 147


Critiques de livres Vol. XXV, No. 1, texte complet.
Critiques de livres Vol. XXV, No. 2, texte complet.
Critiques de livres Vol. XXV, No. 3, texte complet.
Critiques de livres Vol. XXV, No. 4, texte complet.


Table des matières [fichiers disponibles en-ligne].


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